Cheneil is helping moms to find a 'miracle in their mess" through being fit spiritually and physically.

MOTIVATIONAL SPEAKER and Best Selling Author
Cheneil is the best-selling author of "Miracles in the Mess." She delivers motivational, Faith-Based speaking on Lifestyle & Healthy Living for Women’s events.

Becoming Strong for your Purpose- A Healthy Lifestyle Revelation
There are no balanced People, just people doing balanced things.

Cheneil can help you to create balance in your life. You alone can determine your happiness once you realize that you have a choice to make it happen!

Finding Miracles in the Mess, Affirming His Truth Daily
  • Build a core in your life based on faith and health
  • Commit- make it happen!
  • Believe and achieve!

Through goal setting and accountability, and daily devotions, Cheneil challenges people to define and achieve their personal, spiritual and health goals.

Rock your Morning Routine- Allowing God to reveal His plan through your daily discipline
Cheneil will bring out the best inside of you, as you find your happiness and personal success!  It is time to change your life for the better and realize your full potential!

We so often look at others and say how lucky they are. It’s time to take control of your future! 
Cheneil teaches you how to:
  • get rid of the baggage that is holding you back
  • learn that the only thing stopping you is you!

We all have challenges and fears in our careers and personal lives, but there is a way to rise above them in a fun, empowering way. Cheneil will teach you how to find your way.  She has fun, energetic and powerful sessions that will engage you and your audience!

Introducing Cheneil
(Certified Acute Care Nurse Practitioner)
Cheneil is a full-time professional motivator, a faith-based lifestyle coach, mentor, and a speaker. She resides in Texas with her husband of 13 years and two preschool boys. She is an outgoing, energetic, daughter of the King who loves fitness and Jesus. She is passionate about helping women like you to understand God’s truth, His unconditional, unwavering love for you, and helping you see it and live in it in the midst of your everyday messy life. She will motivate you through His Grace & Love.

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"Learn how to find a miracle in your mess with Cheneil Torbert!"
  • Health Training
  • Motivational Seminars
  • Faith- Based Seminars
  • Daily Devotions
  • Tailored Events

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