Teaching 'What it takes' and 'Why its worth it' to be a leader.

Kelly works closely with Senior Leadership in many high-growth, fast-paced organizations. Developing the Velocity Leadership system into 3 distinct areas – Creating and Maintaining High Performance Cultures; Executive Coaching – leveraging Marshall Goldsmith’s Stakeholder Centered Coaching to shape leadership behaviors with measurable performance improvement; and Leadership Development: speaking & seminars to bring fundamental Leadership components to a larger audience with impact on day one.

Leadership (In any organization)
Learn the key components to being an effective leader and how to apply them today!
  • Fundamental, illuminating, impactful – even life-changing insights, that challenge everyone in attendance to go deeper and pull more out of themselves that they can give to the larger good.
  • This isn’t a static, “nice” presentation. It’s designed to hit you where it counts and tap into something that can be brought out in an authentic and practical way in each attendee’s current situation. If you want impact for everyone in attendance in a tangible and life-altering way, this is for you.  

High Performing Cultures
Some would say we are a product of our environment. Although there’s much debate about this, the one truth that rings out in business is that culture rules! The environment we create. Kelly teaches:
  • What we stand for, defining our unique “why” – these are critical to maximizing the potential within our organizations.
  • Who We Are –This is what gives power and influence to what we do and say.
  • The key to creating and maintaining a unique competitive advantage within your market.
  • How defining a high performance culture is what illuminates the keys to creating and maintaining a culture of excellence.

Increasing Productivity
Productivity is personal – it’s personal growth! Personal growth in business is Professional Development. Learn how to:
  • Develop you and your people through Professional and Personal Growth to gain a competitive advantage.
  • Tie these together and find the anchor to having an organization of high productivity with seemingly endless sustainability
  • Understand that motivating and tangible, trajectory-changing strategies are the battle cries to Increasing Productivity.

Gain a Competitive Advantage with Kelly
When it comes to effective leadership. Kelly defines the key components to create and maintain a unique competitive advantage while developing loyalty with customers and employees alike.
You and your team will learn how to about tap into the desire to grow for a cause bigger than the individual and the keys to develop a unique, sustainable and empowering process that serves your company, clients and co-workers. . 
Introducing KELLY
Leadership is Kelly’s passion. He wants to help develop leaders from where they are for a greater good. Tapping into the leadership opportunities that live where they live. How they look inside to mine the gold that is right in front of them. Taking on the challenge of “being” a leader in a way that propels their organization, their co-workers and themselves to new heights.
Kelly is always learning as a leader and considers himself to be a student, a passionate student. Bringing insights from over 30 years of leadership experience, he lays out a framework and path that is both common-sense, enlightening and empowering.
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"Kelly is on a MISSION to eradicate weak leadership!"
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