As an endurance athlete, Pete inspires people and Leaders to "Finish STRONG!"

Pete helps teams generate results!
During his 36 year career in business, Pete has been a leader specializing in restaurant operations, training, leadership development and human resources. One of his greatest career accomplishments is implementing his program that transformed the culture and re-energized 55,000+ employees in over 400 restaurants in the U.S. & Canada.

Pete is a Darden Brilliance Award Winner
- highest award recognition at Darden Restaurants.

Pete inspires through his powerful messages!
- The content will be customized to the fit the needs of your audience.

1.Leadership Training 
  • “Elevating a Passion for Service”
  • “Leading with Impact”
  • “Redefining what is Possible” (Leadership, Sales, Service, Support)
  • “Condition Your Team to Win the Gold - Team Building”
  • “Take Positive Action - Be a Powerful Influence!”  

2.Revitalize Your Teams and Engage Your Employees
  • “Motivation-Engagement” with a leaders personal “heart check"
- 144+ ways to engage “the head & heart of employees” in a sustainable way! 
  • Personal coaching on revitalization and employee engagement

3.Endurance Training
  • “Keys to Getting EVERYONE Across Your Finish Line”
- The perseverance needed to finish their race strong!
  • “Run Your Race with Endurance”
- Message on living out the “call” or the purpose” of your life   

4.Personal Development and Transformational Training  
  • “Effective Public Speaking and How to Present with Confidence”
  • Get the results you are looking for  through your presentation.
  • Pete places a high emphasis on confidence building.

Pete’s passion comes through in every presentation and he keeps his sessions very engaging for all of his audiences!
Pete gets invited to come back to speak or train again! The Global Association of Christian Hospitality Professionals has invited Pete to speak at their annual conference 5 times!!
Introducing PETE
Pete Folch is an inspirational speaker and accomplished trainer dedicated to teaching people and teams to achieve peak performance and significance in their lives. Pete has a passion to help people discover renewed energy and to realize their true potential.  Pete is a member of the original founding class of Ziglar Legacy Certified Trainers. Pete knows people! In 2017, he spoke to 148 different audiences throughout the country teaching leadership, professional development, inspiration and motivation. Pete knows endurance! As an athlete, he has run over 25 marathons, including the Boston Marathon! He completed the ultra-marathon distances of 50 K, 50 miles and 100 K! He has coached/trained 42 people to successful completion of their first half or full marathon!
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"Pete is ALL about inspiring people to be strong leaders and to finish strong in their journey through the “race” of life."
  • Inspirational Speaking
  • Leadership Training
  • Motivation / Revitalization
  • Endurance
  • Hospitality Management
  • Customer Service
  • Personal Development

Key Focus Areas