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"Mike's presentation was a HIT."
Not only did he address innovative suggestions on selling, but he also connected to a our team by addressing the challenges they face each day. In doing so, he helped our sales team put in place some new ways of approaching their prospects. The true testimonial of his work, was all the positive feedback. Some folks, particularly the seasoned and knowledgeable team members, were actually surprised by how much they garnered from Mikes concepts."

Dawn G - CFO Designer Greetings
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Today's sales market has changed.
Are you adapting?  Mike can help.

  • 3 Criteria necessary for 1st meetings
  • How to progess your sales
  • Managing your funnel
  • Establishing value
  • Avoid price selling
  • How to establish next steps
  • Strategies to negotiate
  • Handling 'NO"
  • Effective closing
  • Turning lost sales into $$
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“When seeking out expertise, it’s wise to choose someone with a strong track record of success. That’s why I’ve chosen to work with Mike Rodriguez.”
Tom Hopkins,
CEO, Tom Hopkins International
"Boy did Mike deliver!!"
Mike captured the attention of our team and raised the excitement in the room immediately. He knows the rhythm of the success so he spoke with a high degree of authentication. He was an incredible source of inspiration, his connection to the group is still impacting our team today; from the lessons of attitude “I am doing better than great”, to understanding the power of failure and making it work to your advantage.
The event was a huge success and it all started with Mike; he delivered and I know he will deliver for you."

Mike K. - Global VP Asure Software
Learn the "6" components to close
every sale with Mike's proven system.
Professional Sales Training
"As a Filmmaker in my career I had the opportunity to film many established speakers and Authors such as Michael E. Gerber, John C. Maxwell, Rudolph Giuliani and dozen’s more. As a trainer I've created numerous training presentations for corporate America. With this perspective I can say that Mike Rodriguez is among the best sales training I've ever seen." 
- Andy Costa, Orion 21 Video Production
Featured Sales Expert for the 2015 Ziglar U.S. Tour
Featured in Advantages Selling Magazine
If you are in sales and you carry a quota, it is your responsibility to learn, apply and perform.
In today's market, it can be challenging to understand buying patterns, solutions and manage your sales process.  As a sales expert, Author and a business professional, Mike has close to three decades of sales experience. In fact, he was selected as the Sales Expert for the 2015 Ziglar U.S. Tour. From selling door to door to closing multi million dollar opportunities, Mike has run thousands of sales calls and trained many salespeople on proper strategies,and philosphies that help them to close more business. If you are new to sales, a veteran looking for new information or somewhere in the middle, Mike can help you find what you are looking for.
Featured Co-Trainer with Legendary Tom Hopkins
SOURCE: Training Magazine Annual Report
MYTH: Sales training is an expense
FACT: Professional sales training is, in fact an investment. Motorola, which invests about 7% of payroll in training, has averaged a 20 percent productivity improvement over the last 4 years, compared with 2-5 percent for its competitors. Several years ago, the company did two studies to measure the return on its education investment. Result: every dollar invested in sales training returned $29 in incremental revenues.  A number of other firms have documented similar results.

MYTH: Sales training doesn't last
FACT: Companies who employ follow-up training after the initial session have a retention factor of up to 90%.  Salespeople who are not continually trained, will typically lose 80% of their knowledge base with 60 days. On-going training reinforces the concept and strategies learned and allows for the sales team, managers and leaders to internalize the principles for maximum success.

MYTH: Sales training is not a highly-effective means to improve sales productivity
FACT: A study of 540 companies conducted by the American Society for Training and Development shows that continuous investments in training and reinforcement, results in over 50% higher net sales per employee, nearly 40% higher gross profits per employee and a 20% higher ratio in market-to-book value.
The same study found that leading-edge companies:
  • Spend approximately 6% of payroll on learning
  • Train almost 90% of their employees during a given year, on the average
  • Are 11-18% higher than the industry average in the use of outside training organizations

WIth decades of experience, Mike has trained global salespeople from many industries.